Nylon Magazine, January 2005

p. 54  Cast Offs

It comes as no surprise that Brooklynite Alexis Canter studied sculpture as a student; she brings a trained eye to her collection of jewelry that doubles as art.  “I’m interested in exploring the line between the recognizable and the abstract,” Canter explains.  Her current focus is on natural forms–a cornish game hen’s wishbone, a human wisdom tooth–that sit on precisely that line.  The pendants may look like abstractions at first glance (especially the tooth, with its daunting, that’s-in-mymouth? scale), but they’re casts of real objects.  Though the forms aren’t chosen randomly–Canter’s grandfather was a poultry farmer and tooth belongs to one of her closest friends–you don’t have to know the back story to appreciate the pieces as objects.  Next up, Canter will continue to explore the tension between the abstract and concrete as she incorporates text, the most abstract of all subjects, into her work.  –Rumaan Alam